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What is the biggest irony in life? by a very good story.

A farmer was working in his field.  Suddenly he saw a scuffle.  In that scoop, he found an egg of eagle.  He saw that a female hawk egg had accidentally flown away leaving the same place  The farmer carefully picked that egg and laid it behind his house with the eggs of the rest of the chickens.  After a while, the chickens came out of the eggs of the chickens, and a small hawk came out of the eagle's eggs.  That hawk also grew up seeing a hen like a hen's children.  The eagle would just eat chickens like a rash, roam the ground just with the chickens, walk in a straight line, be the most fearful, and walk silently down and in front of the ground.  Having been with chickens since childhood, the eagle thought that he too was a chicken.  That hawk went through his entire life.  One day when that hawk became old, he finally dared to look up at the sky.  When he looked up, he saw an eagle soaring high in the sky.  The old hawk became frus

What is the UNESCO and its functions?

UNESCO (FULL FORM -United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization ) UNESCO -193 member states and 11 associate member Headquarter- Paris, France UNESCO is the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization and it is a  specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) It has 193 member states and 11 associates member It  was established after the second world war, on 16th  Nov 1945 and its formation date is on  4th Nov 1946 There were 37 member states,  during the formation of this organization and now 193 members and 11 associate states member and USA and Israel is not UNESCO member they left in 2018 UNESCO is responsible for coordinating international cooperation in education,  science, culture and communications and encouraging peace and security in the world. Five Primary arias of UNESCO                                                       Local people  youth  small islands  developing countr

Top ten UNESCO world heritage site

1-   Machu Picchu, Peru 2.  Pyramids of Giza, Egypt  3.  Bagan, Myanmar 4.  Angkor Wat, Cambodia 5.  Great Wall of China, China 6.  Roman Colosseum, Italy  7.  Acropolis of Athens, Greece   8.  Stonehenge, England  9.  Borobudur, Indonesia 10.  Mesa Verde, USA


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